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How to use Chalk Paint™ to add colour to Pearlescent Glaze

Unlock an entire universe of pastellised iridescent colour by following this simple how-to. For best results, Annie recommends using strongly pigmented Chalk Paint™ colours and painting over a white Chalk Paint™ base coat.


Annie began by painting her table using Chalk Paint™ in Oxford Navy.

She then applied two coats of Matt Chalk Paint™ Lacquer to protect, diluting the first coat of Matt Lacquer with 10% water to make the application smooth and easy, which is especially important over dark colours.

  1. The abstract flowers were painted using Old White, as was the edge of the table. Laying down a base of a white or light coloured Chalk Paint™ will allow your Pearlescent mixed colours to show up better than they might over a dark colour.
  2. Now, for the fun part! Annie is mixing her Glaze and Chalk Paint™ directly onto her MixMat. MixMats are made of silicone and are ideal for mixing Chalk Paint™ colours on because none of the paint is wasted. You could use a glass or plastic mixing bowl, a normal artists palette, or even a plate! Just be sure to wash up before the paint and Glaze mix dries.*TOP TIP* Remember when mixing: you only need a hint of Chalk Paint™ to tint the Pearlescent Glaze. You can always add more but it’s much harder to take any away if you’ve been over-generous!
  3. Annie mixes Chalk Paint™ in Burgundy with Pearlescent Glaze to achieve a soft pink tint and then paints over her Old White base.
  4. Annie then mixes Napoleonic Blue with Pearlescent Glaze. As you can see, all the colours she’s chosen are strong, bold shades. Once mixed with Pearlescent Glaze the colours will weaken and almost pastellise so it’s best to start with a strongly pigmented hue.
  5. No need to finish with Chalk Paint™ Wax or Lacquer; as you will recall Annie Lacquered her table during step 2. The Pearlescent Glaze works like a Lacquer itself and doesn’t require any further sealant.

There you have it! How to add Chalk Paint™ to Pearlescent Glaze. It’s straightforward, satisfying, and like Chalk Paint™ itself these mixes can be applied over wood, metal, glass – any surface your heart desires! For more Tips and Techniques videos, click here.