How To: Paint Garden Fences with Chalk Paint™

How to paint Garden Fences with Chalk Paint™

Follow these simple steps to paint your outdoor fence with
Chalk Paint™.

Chalk Paint™ offers a quick and simple way to refresh wooden fences and gates. If you’re planning to give your garden a new look this year, think about how a fresh coat of paint can really complement your planting. Maybe instead of a traditional white picket fence, you want to go green (like Annie) to set off any florals. Dark colours like Graphite can really make foreground colours pop and create a contemporary look.

Whichever colour you choose, the key to repainting your garden fence is in the timing. Plan ahead by checking the weather forecast. You want to make sure you have a few dry days without rain to give your paint the time to really set. It’s a great idea to paint in the morning, too. You want to avoid strong direct sunlight so the paint doesn’t dry too quickly while you work.

Once painted, you can choose to seal your garden fence with Chalk Paint™ Lacquer or leave it as it is. Vertical surfaces, such as fences or outside walls, are not as susceptible to water or UV damage so it’s not necessary to seal with Lacquer. However, anything horizontal or diagonal, such as roofs or garden furniture, will need to be sealed with Chalk Paint™ Lacquer to protect the paint work from the elements.


  1. Remove any dirt and cobwebs with a cloth.
  2. Perform a small test patch. If you are planning on using Chalk Paint™ Lacquer to finish, be sure to test with both paint and lacquer. If a stain comes through the paint and lacquer, seal the whole gate with a clear stain blocker.
  3. Open your tin of Chalk Paint™ and stir thoroughly.
  4. Apply straight to the wood, moving your brush in every direction. You can even paint over hinges as Chalk Paint™ can be applied to most surfaces.
  5. Allow 1-2 days for the paint to fully dry and bond to the wood.
  6. Apply Chalk Paint™ Lacquer. This step is only really needed if your fence or gate has horizontal or diagonal surfaces where water might pool. 

Using Chalk Paint™ outdoors is easy! It’s all in the planning. Find yourself a couple of days with no rain and start painting early, before the heat of the midday sun kicks in. When you’re done, give your paint enough time to dry and it’s ready to seal with Lacquer or simply enjoy. You might even find you have some paint leftover, so why now use it to paint some garden furniture too?

Now that you’re ready to give your garden fence a makeover, be sure to purchase all the materials you need from your local Annie Sloan Stockist.